Buddhist Center


In 1982 Maria Rosa Bersanetti asked Geshe Ciampa Lodro, great Tibetan Lamas and his spiritual guide, if it was a good omen and benefit of opening a new Dharma Center in the Hill House in Belvedere Langhe.

A historical building, owned by the family Donadei, was purchased by Maria Rosa’s father who had then put at the disposal of the daughter willingly for cultural and beneficial purpose.

The Lama was very enthusiastic about the initiative and gave his blessing to the site in accordance with the rituals of Tibetan Buddhism, by fixing the date of the opening for the late summer of that year.

Since then Geshe Ciampa Lodro came to the Center to teach four times a year until he left the body.

The first program held at the headquarters of the Centre was a retreat of Yogi Milarepa.

Lama Denis, resident in France, was to conduct the retreat; this lasted a week.

Since then the Centre hold weekly meditation, and often have organized conferences in other parts of Piedmont and Liguria.

As an example we can mention only a few location: Cuneo, Savona, Genoa, Turin, San Remo, Fossano, Alba among the cities where these conferences took place; and in Caraglio, Mondovì, Carcare, Cairo Montenotte, Giaveno, Poirino, Boves.

Several other yoga centres and associations have hosted the Tibetan Masters who frequented the Center for seminars and conferences, using the Center organization to help making the teachings of the Buddha known.

A great experience in ‘ 93 scored interreligious exchange. stupendous for the good organisation and the pleasantness of the event: the Gurupurnima Festival. the feast of the Guru (Master) made with Sai Baba’s devotees of the centers of Piedmont.

The Buddhist Center for that occasion hosted two hundred people and the Pro Loco of Belvedere Langhe cooked for free for everyone.

Since then the Centre has always scheduled in its annual activities calendar public meetings for peace and inter-religious dialogue.

The Buddhist Center celebrates every year in May the Vesak, commemorating the birth, lilluminazione and the Parinirvana of Siddhartha, who will be remembered as Gotama Buddha events that occurred all on the same day.

This date is celebrated throughout the Buddhist world.

Other holiday considered as a moment of prayer for peace and celebration is Losar, Tibetan new year, which falls in February (or March) with the new moon.